We are body soul and spirit. When our thoughts and emotions are limiting us from living the life we want, it's time for change. Change is most successful when it comes come from the inside out. For many, the inner world keeps us stuck in mediocrity and pain. Life experiences have a way of changing our perceptions. Unmet emotional needs create problems. Yet rarely are we able to consider what those emotional needs.are. It's God that gives us the desires (needs) of our heart. When your soul experiences truth and your heart is satisfied, you are free to become you.

  Limiting beliefs or negative core beliefs limit connection, limit joy, limit life.

Many of us deal with the inner critic of shame but, aren't sure where it stems from. Many of us struggle with feelings of not being good enough. Shame is the master emotion because it's linked to fear.

Betrayal comes into everyone's life at some point. It can inhibit our ability to trust. The effects can last long after the event, turning into its own form of fear.

There are many barriers to living the life you want. I have found that most every time fear is causing all the problems. Are you ready to do the spiritual work of transformation? Then you're ready to become your authentic self. Pittsburgh Transformation Center can help.

It's not enough  for our hearts to be healed and transformed. We have to learn how to live differently. Many people feel like they ae in a foreign land once they begin to expereince freedom. In a way they are. The freedom to choose to live differently is unfamiliar. Questions arise. Am I allowed? What am I really interested in? or Can I say no? Is it ok to rest? are all too common themes for the new person that is emerging. Those questions deserve answers that will permit the growth and development of  of the person you were truly meant to be.

The integration of this new person's ideas, hopes and dreams are a necessary part of the healing process. Giving yourself permission to be comfortable with pleasant emotions in contrast to the anxiety, fear or shame are also part of the vast new expanse waiting for you. Navigating this uncharted territory will be fun when you have someone in your corner to assure you that your on the right track.