Why I like the Pittsburgh Transformation Center by Letty

 I'm a recovered addict trying to get my life back together. I have anger and trust issues. Lisa helped me to deal with those. She guided me thru my thought processes to show me where I let the lies creep in. Like peeling the layers from an onion we got to the root of the problem. She helped me to see where Jesus was in all of the trials. Then she guided me to scoop out the negative from my heart and replace it with the positive power and love and grace of Jesus. I've gone thru healing sessions of SOZO but this was more personable, more powerful and deeper. Lisa has the ability and experience to help transform the mind, to help guide you away from self-doubt and negative thinking.

Transformational Healing…it’s a journey you will never forget!


Lisa Pinney is someone you 'll want to affiliate with.  She is open, honest, and explores life’s journey with you.  Lisa is kind, caring, and offers transformation that will change your life.  I realize it’s not always easy to share your innermost thoughts with someone, but Lisa provides that safe environment that makes you feel extremely comfortable and better yet she infuses the experience with asking Jesus to go into that place that may be holding you back which is very therapeutic.  I originally thought I would attend a session and it would end, but I was incorrect. Lisa continues her follow up and calls to check in, texts and/or emails to see how you are doing, and sends information to cause you to reflect and ponder that which you may be addressing. Don’t wait, call Lisa, you owe it to yourself to experience growth and feel free again. I have metamorphized into a butterfly. People are able to see it and are now captivated by my energy. Lisa has been a Godsend. Thank you, Lisa, from the bottom of my heart!


Dr. Loralee Roberts

I have had a few sessions with Lisa so far and I really enjoy working with her. I felt comfortable with her right away. Lisa is honest, sincere, and open. She has given me wonderful insight and visual tools to help me connect with Jesus in a more intimate and personal way. Her sessions have let Gods truth shine on areas of my life that were shadowed by dysfunctional thought patterns. She has helped me tremendously.

Dana H



Lisa was totally professional and at the same time compassionate. She was spot on when ministering to me and leading me in a path of healing and freedom. My session with her immediately positively impacted my life by giving me confidence in my new found freedom. I look forward to meeting with her again and highly recommend Lisa for spiritual counseling

Cynthia F


I can’t say enough about how gifted Lisa is as a coach! It flows from her effortlessly and you are able to be calm and really get some work done with your heart and emotions!  Juli J