This deck of cards is a great tool for individuals, coaches, and helping professionals.
We all have times when we’re confused, angry or hurt, making it hard to pray. 
This tool helps you get beyond the emotion to connect with the Father.

Each deck of hand crafted cards contains:
1 Personal Inventory tool
6 cards to help identify how you feel
1 Anger tool
5 Unhealthy Copy Strategy Cards to recognize what you may be running to or from
3 Question cards with questions to ask yourself
5 Emotional Needs cards to help you identify what it is your heart needs to bring you back to a place of peace and rest.
17 Heart Engaging Prayers to help you have the emotional needs of your heart met in relationship with Christ. The prayers are questions you can ask the Father based on scripture.

Cut Cards help to cultivate an intimacy we all long for by creating powerful encounters with the Father.

Cut Cards are perfect to keep and give as gifts


Cut Cards

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