Heart Engaging Prayer Workshop

 The Heart Engaging Prayer Workshop with Lisa Pinney is designed to give you tools to encounter Christ at a heart level. You begin to understand what the needs of your emotional heart. At the same time, discover how to ask for them in prayer. This intimate form of prayer deepens your connection with the Fathe. You will hear, see, and sense the Father caring for the needs of your emotional heart. 


  • You'll Identify the emotional needs for security, acceptance, belonging, being fully known and more. 

  • You'll come to understand how unhealthy patterns form in the absence of unmet emotional needs and unfulfilled emotional desires.

  • You'll overcome obstacles to hearing God.  

  • Discover how intimacy with Jesus can be more of a reality than you thought possible.

  • Experience a spiritual rhythm within the relationship.


  • The Heart Engaging Prayer guide which has 7 days worth of scriptures with corresponding questions to help you cultivate the Heart Engaging Prayer lifestyle. 

  • Videos to inspire, motivate and reinforce The Heart Engaging Prayer lifestyle

  • Access to me by phone to answer your question