Life is busy and sometimes confusing. It comes at us in all directions leaving little time to process it all. It can be draining. We can either get used to the fatigue and confusion or we can dig for the hidden treasures.

We need to take time to reflect, pray and let go. 

This Is Why We Go Deeper Still

A Deeper Still Retreat with Pittsburgh Transformation Center are experiential retreat designed to engage both the heart and mind. They are well suited for small groups where intimacy and personal attention are the focus. You can host a retreat in your home for your friends or attend one of the larger ones at a retreat center.


Each session will enlighten you and bring understanding concerning blockages in our faith, emotional health, and spiritual growth. There interactive stories and time to contemplate will allow you to use your spiritual senses to meet with God in a form of prayer the heart understands. You will begin to understand yourself better and leave with tools to help you maintain a lifestyle of bringing your heart before the Father.

You can live in a place of deep abiding peace